Thursday, November 11, 2010

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I'm finally back from my honeymoon and getting back to real life. We had a great time and want to thank everyone for their well wishes. I'm still catching up on emails and requests so if you haven't heard back from me yet, be patient, I haven't forgotten. To get things going again, I bring you an interview with Undertow from Endangered Existence zine #2. According to the interview, the band had a 7 inch out and a CD single coming out so that might tell you about the time frame. I've always respected John Pettibone especially being that he is in his late 30's, still vocal about being straight edge, and still a part of the hardcore scene. I've got lots planned for the next few months including the SITP tshirts (yes they are coming, I promise) so continue to check back and thanks for your continued support.


Kurtis said...

This was my zine when I was like 16! Awesome! Thanks for posting!