Saturday, November 13, 2010

Here's an Italian sXe compilation 7" from the '90s based around a group of friends & bands from Rome, Italy, called the Roma Straight Edge Legion. It's got 4 sXe hardcore bands on it: Strength Approach, Redemption, Dehumanize and Reinforced, who were all fairly new bands at the time. My personal faves on here are Redemption and Dehumanized, mostly cuz they're the metallic hardcore bands on here, the other 2 play more old school youth crew inspired hardcore, and they're not the greatest bands ever to play that style.

This 7", released in 1996, was the first release on Surrounded Records, which was a label run by Maurizio Ricci, who was in Reinforced at the time, but is better known as the singer of Purification, an Italian vegan sXe band, which was also formed in 1996. Surrounded Records would afterwards release a Dehumanize 7" and a Redemption 7" among other things. Strength Approach is the only band of these 4 still going to this day, playing shows, recording and touring all the time.

Roma Straight Edge: The New Season compilation 7"


Unknown said...

hm. i liked the strength approach ok. but i'm dumb... who was the best to play that style then...? k

Molesting said...

I got this 7" and I just realize that the Reinforced's song "Temper" is on the split CD Purification / Unborn. i didn't know that's Maurizio band before! thanks Emo