Saturday, December 31, 2011

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Well its that time of the year. I know many of the other sites have already posted theirs but hey better late than never. This is just a glimpse into what we've been digging on this year. I hope everyone has had a safe and happy holiday and hope that everyone is safe tonight.

In no order:

-Foundation "When The Smoke Clears": Bridge 9 Records
-Ghost "Opus Eponymous": Metal Blade Records
-Take Offense "Tables Will Turn": Reaper Records (I don't care that it came out in late December of last year)
-Sick Of It All "Nonstop": Century Media Records
-Death "Reissues": Relapse Records
-Heartsounds "Drifter": Epitaph Records
-Lich King "World Gone Dead": Stormspell Records
-Earth Crisis "Neutralize The Threat": Century Media Records
-Morrissey's 3 new songs
-Axis new tracks/Deathbed new tracks

1. Envision - s/t
2. Harvest - Years Of Defiance, Years Of Disgust
3. Indecision - Unorthodox (remaster)
4. My Dying Bride - The Barghest O' Whitby
5. Deathbed - Oppression
6. Anthrax - Worship Music
7. Axis - Rites Of Passage
8. Earth Crisis - Neutralize The Threat
9. Foundation - When The Smoke Clears
10. The Nick And Artie Show

In no order:

Integrity- detonate worlds plague
Rot In Hell- as pearls before swine
Rot In Hell/ Horders split 7"
VA- No Peace/ War
Cold Cave- cherish the light years
Cults- Cults
Prurient- bermuda drain
Glassjaw- coloring book
Seven Sisters Of Sleep s/t and DVD
Peste Noire- l'ordure a l'etat pur

In no order:

Vice - Get Down, Stay Down demo
Abolition LP
Thornz - demo
Accept The Change - Escapism Is A Dying Art LP
Foundation - When The Smoke Clears LP
Wolf Down 7"
Goldust - Soir tape
Soul Control - Get Out Now 7"
Oathbreaker - Maelstrom LP
State Of Mind - Knowledge Of Self 12"


1. Big Love season 5
2. Your Favorite Trainwreck - "The Brilliance" video
3. Wyatt Earp and the Holy Grail: The Tale Of The Three Gates
4. The Big 3 podcast
5. Miles Davis - Bitches Brew Live
6. ZappaCast podcast
7. Beastie Boys - Hot Sauce Committee Part 2
8. all the Starbucks that I hung out at most of the day for the 5 and a half months that I was living in Hemet
9. the Orange County Hardcore Scenester screening at The Yost Theater in Santa Ana, CA on 5/12/11
10. The Big Bang Theory (yes, I'm serious)


vn said...

nice to see Moz mentioned Chip!
my jaw dropped when he played
ART HOUNDS at 'Brixton ... that
he didn't do it the next night but he did KID'S A LOOKER .. I need both
on cd ASAP!!!
- George