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How did you get into hardcore music?

I started going to ska shows when I was like 14 and through friends I met, and mixed genre shows, I was introduced to hardcore. I came in during the era of Backside Disaster, Portland's first metal influenced hardcore band... and early on in Trial's lifespan. The intensity of mid-nineties hardcore was undeniable and super alluring for me.

Have you been in any other bands besides Olde Ghost? If so, what band(s)?

Yeah, an all girl hardcore band called To See You Broken (1999-2003?), a crusty hardcore band called This Time Tomorrow (2005-2007?) and now Olde Ghost.

As a singer and as a songwriter, who/what are some of your influences and why?

I don't write lyrics for Olde Ghost. When I joined the band, it was with the understanding that it would be a really low intensity project for me. So no touring, only a few shows a year and the only writing I do is laying my own vocal parts into the song once Chris does the initial vocal writing. In previous bands, I feel like I've written the same way as most singers - influenced by books, current events and politics.

Do you play any instruments? If so, what?

I play the violin and viola and am just starting to mess around on guitar. I can play three whole chords now. ;)

Discuss your experiences (good and/or bad) both being a woman in the hardcore scene and being a frontwoman for a hardcore band.

Initially, it was an uphill battle. In the late nineties, it was extremely rare for girls to be in bands and the reason my first band was all girls was because no boys wanted to start bands with any of us. I think even today, an all girl hardcore band would be a spectacle. We got the full range of reactions, from people being really excited (girls asking us to sign things) to boys yelling "show us your tits". Mostly, I felt that people decided whether they were going to like the band or not based more on our gender than our music. In TTT, it was a really different experience. We were playing music that was more punk influenced and women have always been more accepted in punk rock than hardcore. That band had two girls and we played to a mostly vegan straightedge crowd, which is also generally a feminist crowd. In Olde Ghost, I don't think people even notice that there is a girl in the band. My general take on it has always been to minimize the attention that I get being a girl in a band, with the theory being if I treat it like it's normal, maybe everyone else will too. You know, just act like you belong there.

How long have you been vegan and why did you choose to become vegan?

I have been vegan for around 14 years. I initially made the decision because of animal rights issues but now also do it for my health and the environment.

I'm a staunch animal rights supporter and a very proud caretaker of 3 rescue dogs. However, I'm also a lifelong red meat eater and while I could certainly see myself giving up the more expensive red meats (i.e. steak and filet mignon), I just don't think that I'll ever be able to completely stop eating ground beef in one form or another. As a vegan, what are your thoughts and opinions on this conflict of mine?

I will just never understand anyone's belief that one kind of animal is more important than another based on their personal preference. It seems like a really illogical thought process. The idea that we keep certain domesticated non-human animals as "pets" and bring them into our houses, let them sleep in our beds, buy them toys and special treats, and shape our lives to fit theirs simply because we feel like it. Whereas others are forced to stay outdoors, receive no special treatment and are, in fact, treated cruelly in many cases, and we eat their flesh simply because we feel like it. It's fucking crazy. Seriously, I don't get it. Humans are so illogical and egocentric.

How long have you been Straight Edge and why did you choose to become Straight Edge?

I've been straightedge for 15 years. I am definitely one of those people who could say straightedge and the straightedge scene probably saved my life. Or, at the very least, led it down a very different and more productive path. That's probably the main reason I will never turn my back on the labels even if I no longer NEED them the way I did as a teenager.

What are your thoughts and opinions of Straight Edge hardcore bands whose core members are no longer Straight Edge, particularly those bands who do reunions shows, tours, records, etc.?

You know, I don't really care. I think reunion shows and tours are stupid in general and I think playing reunions with like one original member just so you can sing straightedge songs is stupid, so this is probably not a great question for me. ;) It's over, move on.

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Sergeant D said...

Awesome interview! I used to hang out with Sara and all the girls in To See You Broken back in like 2000- they were all awesome and I miss them. Backed hard!