Thursday, December 15, 2011

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Someone had asked for the first two Built To Last records a few weeks back so here we are. Members went on to Over My Dead Body and Boxcar Racer. I never got a chance to see them and I really don't remember much about them so if anyone has info to fill, please let me know

Built To Last - Loyalty And Betrayal

Built To Last - And Knowing Is Half The Battle


jav said...

i saw this band a few times. they were definitely doing something that other bands at the time werent really into. on that sick of it all tip. nice guys too.

Anonymous said...

They also have a s/t ep that came out between these two releases and a track on the Only the Strong comp. They reunited a couple years back (with former members of As I Lay Dying) and put out a two song 7". They were from San Diego.

Fun fact, the drummer on Loyalty and Betrayal is Jason Dunn, later of No Innocent Victim and founder/owner of Facedown Records.