Wednesday, December 21, 2011

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Here is a cautionary tale about Dobek:

Ok here is what actually happened.

I sold and OG white border copy of UW to dobek for about $600. I had it listed as VG+ (which may have been off, granted, but if it was off it was slight. No gross misrepresentation)

Dobek gets it and decides it is "no more than" VG and acts as though I am some dishonest record scum who tried to rip him off. Instead of just emailing me and saying "hey I think the condition on this record isn't quite what you described can I get a bit of a refund" this fruit just instantly puts in a paypal claim for $600 (which froze my account) then emails me bitching about the condition and DEMANDS I give him a partial refund.

Now I am a fairly reputable ebay seller, with a lot of positive feedback, there is no reason to think I would be a crook. But instead of just talking to me about it, he puts in a claim, freezes my account and acts like a dick...needless to say I was less than gracious in our conversation.

Back to his demand of a partial refund. He demands I give him a partial refund via paypal. We'll guess what fruit, your claim froze my account so I cannot send money or receive money so I tell him to cancel his complaint and free up my account and I will send him $100 back for the condition dispute.

He refuses and insists I will just tell him to fuck off once he closes the dispute.

I have no time for this or him since I had lots of auctions ending and no way to get paid because my account was frozen because of him. So I politely tell him to fuck off and send me back my record and he can have a full refund.

He then cries and says "but I still want the record..just give me a partial" to which I respond with "go fuck yourself"

So I tell paypal I will issue dobek a full refund as soon as I get my record back. Well all paypal needs for "proof" of return shipment is a tracking number and delivery confirmation. Once delivery is confirmed paypal automatically refunds the buyers money.

So this little FUCKER sends me an empty box with tracking info. It shows up, my wife signs for it and bam, it's "delivered". I get home and see the box and pick it up and think "hmm this is light" open it up and sure enough...womp womp.

So yea. He got me. He has my money and my record. He denies it up and down, but I know he's a liar because he sent emails to a mutual friend talking about the record AFTER he supposedly sent it back. Plus the empty package arrived untampered with and also on the customs declaration form it lists the weight at 115grams...the exact weight of the empty box.

Dobek is a shady little turd. Do not deal with him unless you want to get ripped off.

As far as kicking his ass...fuckin ese weighs about 110lbs so I would feel bad. I will settle for breaking a few of his fingers and getting my money.