Wednesday, July 22, 2009

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This may be my favorite Cave In song ever written and its never even gotten a proper release. From what I understand, it was recorded during the Creative Eclipses era but never released. Half the song has screaming, half the song sounds like Jupiter. Great song.

Cave In - Inflatable Dream


Scott said...

Woah. Can't believe I didn't have this.
Thanks a ton.
Love everything this band has done, and the new stuff is damn excellent...this would fit in with it pretty well actually.

Guav said...

I agree with you completely—that has always been my favorite Cave In song, and I could never understand why it wasn't released. So fucking amazing.

bird said...

I'm pretty sure this was a preproduction track for Jupiter. They recorded this with some Jupiter tracks which were changed a bit for the Jupiter release.

Unknown said...

damn this song is hard!

Anonymous said...

In case you guys hadn't heard yet, they dug out this golden oldie for their comeback gig last July. Last song of the set, check out the DVD that comes with Planets Of Old. I, for one, jizzed everywhere when I heard the news.