Thursday, July 23, 2009

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Today I have something special for you. This is the early Endpoint discography, spanning their beginnings as Deathwatch in 1987 to the early 90s as Endpoint, THE band out of Louisville in the 90s. This CD was released on Slamdek Records and compiles the following:

Tracks 1-17: "If The Spirits Are Willings" cassette on Slamdek Records (1989)
Track 18: Blank
Tracks 19-20: Their tracks from the Endpoint/Sunspring Split (1991)
Track 21: Appeared on Slamdek's Christmas Compilation
Tracks 22-26: Recorded under the name Deathwatch, the Deathwatch Demo (1988)

It was ripped at a high quality and I have also included a nice high quality scan of the back cover and the cover which includes a brief history of the band according to Duncan Barlow. Enjoy.

Endpoint - If The Spirits Are Willing


XhcnoirX said...

Love this album, have it on LP & CD (tho not this 'extended' version). Great stuff! Thanxxx for posting it, hadn't heard the Deathwatch demo yet,

Anonymous said...

Endpoint was one of the best bands pf the 90s. Yes, I said it.

joshcallism said...

please re-up the second half of the Endpoint d/l.