Friday, July 3, 2009

Posted by xCHIPxSEM |

I just received this from Jav who is helping with the release of the CD and vinyl version of Disembodied "Psalms of Sheol". The release is going to include all of Disembodied's out of print vinyl releases, demos, and B-sides and will be released on Prime Directive Records. Heres a statement from Jav regarding the release:

"Psalms Of Sheol is nearing completion, but there have been some challenges with the layout. The band wants everything to be perfect, and for the first time they are 100% in control of every aspect of the record, from the mixing to every detail in the layout, and they want to make sure there is nothing to regret.

I CAN tell you that the master tracks have been sent to the pressing plant, and all thats left now is the layout to be finalized.

No further details about a release date can be dropped now, but Disembodied's presence on the internet is stronger than ever, so if you own a computer you will find out sooner than later.

The band will also be doing special limited edition t-shirts through Hellfish, and by limited i mean they are only making as many as are pre-ordered. A new design will be made every month beginning August first. Don't sleep on this!!!"