Wednesday, July 1, 2009

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A message from Steve Fallis:

Hey everyone,

At Both Ends zine has been pretty quiet over the past few years but coming this fall will be a final issue. This is something special I’ve been planning for a while; it’s going to be really cool so hopefully you’ll dig it.

This thing is going to be a monster in the 160-page range with full colour covers on some nice, coated paper. Expect something really slick. Some of the major articles will include Sick Of It All, Bane, Shai Hulud, Shook Ones, Greg Bennick, Anchor, To Kill, and Wait In Vain, and a ton more. There’s just too much content to list here.

Every zine will come with a double 7” compilation; each band listed will contribute two brand new songs.
-Grade: A brand new recording from 4 original members of one of Canada's best. They’ve been broken up for seven years but are back in the studio recording specifically for this.
-Bane: Their first new recording since The Note was released four years ago.
-Between Earth And Sky: Greg Bennick of Trial’s new band along with members of Strain and By A Thread.
-Unrestrained: From Portland, OR. Includes former members of Desperate Measures, Pulling Teeth, and The Dead Unknown.

Advertisers are needed and if you would like some information then please send an email to this address: info [at] atbothendsmagazine [dot] com.

No date has been set for preorders but that will likely happen in late August or early September.

If you have any questions at all then please email me as I don’t spend much time on message boards anymore.

info [at] atbothendsmagazine [dot] com