Thursday, July 23, 2009

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Heres another great one. The ORIGINAL Culture demo. This was before Damien joined the band as well as John. Also notice they were a 3 piece at the time. 2 of these songs were later released on a 7 inch on Shadowcast Records but the other 2 were only heard on the demo.

Culture - 1994 Demo


Alex said...

hey chip! why didnt you send that pic to me!!! the label just "Shadow records" it was from maryland and was run by the guy from Next Step Up, which also saw the release of their full length.

the song "Open for Suggestion" later evolved into Still Crossed.

Alex said...

Oh I also forgot to mention, parts of Short of Living eventually became Not As Mine. and also, Stan Obal didnt play on the demo, Rich did the bass. he just joined right after.

mwangicore said...

great find. Much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Shadow records also released the malcoms lost 7", one of the most overlooked records of the 90s.