Monday, July 20, 2009

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This is just my opinion but had Turmoil been on a different label, they would have been huge (bigger than they were). No offense to Century Media in any way, shape, or form but had they they been on Victory or Trustkill in the mid to late 90s they would have blown up. The band live was seriously untouchable. So much energy and great performers...not often does this transfer over to the studio but in the case of "The Process Of..." it did. Here is definitely where the band profited from being on Century Media. A very clean, crisp sound that sounds HUGE. Even now, 10 years after it was released, the record still sound enormous. They really set the tone for the rest of the record with the first song "Playing Dead" and its opening line "What the fuck are you looking at?" The record also contains my personal favorite song "Fear of Falling Down" as well as "Six Demon Bag". The band set out and toured on the record but chose to call it quits in 2000, playing a cut-short set at Hellfest 2000, only getting through 3 songs before the club began to collapse (no Im not exaggerating). They have since reformed and have written a new record with now singer Nate Johnson who replaced Jon Gula. Gula, in my opinion, is one of the best frontmen in hardcore and is not easily replaced so Im looking forward to seeing how the record comes out. The bands discography was released a few years back on Abacus Records and can be purchased here: Turmoil "Staring Back" Discography


shrout said...

one of my absolute favorite records of all time, and probably the best hardcore record of all time. i remember getting this the day it came out, and showing my friend mark (who was not a hardcore kid or punk kid at all), and he was not having it, haha. perfect record musically, lyrically, and production-wise. i wish i had played on this recording.

Anonymous said...

yeah, this album is so good it hurts. Man, they killed it live too.