Wednesday, February 25, 2009

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This was the first offering I heard from Long Island's Vision of Disorder (or V.O.D.). While some may say that the self titled (sometimes called Element or the Green Drop record), this to me is their best offering. Seriously raw and in your face, not too produced but just enough to sound professional without losing its ferocity. I prefer the version of "DTO" on this to the re-recorded one on the self-titled. They really were doing something different at the time from everyone else which included clean vocals. Tim could sing the sweetest melody and then turn around pull this scream out that sounds like his throat was just destroyed but then go back to singing cleanly again. Incredible. I saw them in January of 1997 with Earth Crisis and they were amazing. They did the song "Choke" and it was just a wall of kids singing "VOD, FOR ALL MY FRIENDS". I was amazed at how many kids knew their music considering they had never been down to South Florida at the time.
This record was originally released on Striving For Togetherness Records (SFT) before the label folded. This was re-released on a Spanish label in 1997 and I wanna say its still available but Im not sure. If not, you guys will get an upload of a truly classic NYHC record. The band has a DVD coming out of their reunion shows recently and are playing in May with Earth Crisis and Hatebreed in Connecticut.


David Agranoff said...

Dude I always hated this band, always. ha-ha.

blend77 said...

Haha! I always LOVED this band. and this record in particular. This was my intro to them as well and remains their best material. DTO was so much better on this and Beneath the Green is an understated gem.

Seeing these guys ruled. Hard. But the best time was when I saw them in Albany at the QE2 with Madball and OKD. That show was SCARY! So many people going nuts, I am surprised I escaped unscathed, as I was definitely one of the kids screaming "VOD for all my brothers!!!"