Tuesday, February 17, 2009

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The last poll was such a success we decided to get the next one up and running. This time the poll is Best 90s Hardcore Frontman. I dont think any of the people we nominated need any type of introduction. This was based on stage presence, on stage banter, and ability to work a crowd. Have at it!!


j said...

rob fish

Anonymous said...


Waaaaaay too many obvious choices not on the list!!!

An Attitude Exhumed said...

I think the following list comprises the cream of the crop from the 90's;

Anthony - Killing Time
Freddy - Madball
Karl - Earth Crisis
Chaka - Burn, Orange 9mm
Vogel - Slugfest, Buried Alive
Ian - Reach The Sky

Anonymous said...

yeah, why no Rob Fish from Ressurection/108 ?????????

xCHIPxSEM said...

Well we put this together while Justin was at work and I was in class so I know as we were doing it we overlooked so many but we couldnt have a poll of 25 choices. We'll make it up on the next one

David Agranoff said...

Rob Endpoint/By the grace of God
Karl EXC
Ray shelter(even though I hated shelter, you gotta give the man points for Charm. I mean he sold krishna to hardcore kids.

AWC said...

I havent seen any of those bands or frontmen live, but I will go with Damien Moyal. His voice has been SUCH an inspiration for me. Especially the spoken-word parts.
Greg is totally cool as well. First I wasnt so much into his voice, but I got more into it along the way.

Nick Koets said...

From the current list...I'll believe that it will be a race between Rick Rodney and Greg Bennick. Although Rick was good at working up the crowd, his banter was way too preachy for me. Greg talked a lot on stage too but it never really came across as being preachy to me.

David Agranoff said...

Working the crowd is what it is all about and Rob endpoint was really good at that.

Anonymous said...

Rick Rodney for sure. who cares about banter and preachy. if you couldnt get completely dog shit crazy because of that dude being on stage acting like a rabid dog, you pretty much suck. so much energy.

he was always pretty hilarious when i ever i seen Strife. even got him to wear a curly women's wig on stage. smashed the mic into his forehead, didnt care. bit my friends arm during a dogpile.

straight up fun and energy: Rick.