Sunday, February 8, 2009

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Since we decided to change formats and become a webzine, the amount of traffic we've received has been incredible. Im really excited that so many people are taking the time to chck out what we are doing and enjoying it as much as Justin and I are. So far we've already spoken to and will be conducting interviews as well hearing stories from EMS (Brothers Keeper, Surprise Attack Records), Greg Bennick (Trial), Tom Sheehan (Indecision, Most Precious Blood), Javier Van Huss (Eighteen Visions, The Mistake), Burt To Last (Built To Last), and Kurt Schroeder (Catalyst Records, Birthright, Risen). We also are waiting to hear back from some people so more info on that when we hear something. Also Mr. Pauly Edge is coming on as regular contributor to help us out.
Heres what we need from you. Do you want to hear a story from someone or read an interview with someone? Let us know. We will do the best we can to track them and see if they would be interested. But we need to hear from you guys, so let us know. We have set up an email address specifically for this website so send mail to Email us, leave a comment, do something but we need to hear from you. Alright I gotta get some sleep, but thanks for all the support so far. I really feel like this could be something special...thanks so much

Chip and Justin



hey chip!

you got an awesome thing going here..great reads, pics and stuff for download!

suggestion: how about a full feature for MORNING AGAIN and CHOKEHOLD? I think those two bands are the definitive 90's hardcore bands...

by the way, do check out the hardcore punk scene in the philippines and southeast asia..we got good things going here too! i'll add you up on my links!

take care and good luck with your project!

- mic

Anonymous said...

Awesome, awesome stuff. I'm linking this blog up on my site pronto...

xCHIPxSEM said...

Thank you brother. Ill add yours as well

Lee Action said...

Totally excited about this.. can't wait to read what you guys have planned.

I would die to do a piece of Buried Alive or something.. have a lot of cool late 90's stuff I can contribute or just sent you guys to post up.

Siked on it though.. I'll post a new update on my blog about what you guys are putting together.
Can't wait!

Lee Action