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We got such a great response to the "Current Bands Playing 90s Style Hardcore" thread that I decided to do a part 2. I plan to continue doing these so if you have a band or know a band that should be mentioned here, shoot us an email at

Loyal To The Grave - Tokyo, Japan
Loyal to the Grave is a band that I love and respect with all my heart. The entire Japanese hardcore scene is in love with 90s hardcore and LTTG is at the forefront and easily one of the biggest bands playing out over there. Hiro, the guitar player, was also in Statecraft who was THE band in Japan in the late 90s. He also runs Retribution Network, a label and distro that puts out releases from Japanese bands. Im most excited because in May, after Burning Fight in Chicago, my girlfriend, my friend Roy and I are going to Japan and I will finally meet these guys after talking to them for so long. They just released their newest full length "Still Climbin Still Believin" on Surprise Attack Records in the US as well as a 3-way split on Seventh Dagger.
You can order "Still Climbin Still Believin" here: Surprise Attack Records Webstore
You can order "The 3-way Split" here: Seventh Dagger Records

Wait In Vain - Seattle, Washington

You've gotta respect Timm McIntosh for still having the heart and dedication to keep playing hardcore. Timm played guitar in Trial in the 90s and now hes back, this time on vocals, singing in Wait In Vain. I had the chance to see them over the summer and they were great as well being some of the nicest guys on Earth. They released a demo on Catalyst Records and then released their full length "Seasons" on Think Fast Records. They've been a little quite recently but they are playing one of the Burning Fight pre-shows in May. Their full length is a great record and worth taking the time to check out.
You can order "Seasons" here: Think Fast Records
You can order their demo here: Catalyst Records

Nueva Etica - Buenos Aires, Argentina

"The South American Mosh Machine". This is possibly the best description I have ever heard for a band. Nueva Etica take a lot of influence from Path Of Resistance and at times Arkangel but still have their own style. At one point they had 3 singers but are now down to 2 (neither sound alike). They have toured all over the world yet I dont think theyve come to America yet...perhaps its the language barrier as their lyrics are all in Spanish. Either way, they just released their 3rd full length "3L1T3" and unfortunately it is not available in the US yet. Im crossing my fingers for a US tour at some point because I would love to see them
You can order their last full length "Inquebrantable" here: RevHQ

Parasitic Skies - Seattle, Washington
I dont know much about Parasitic Skies except they feature members of This Time Tomorrow who released a record on New Age. Slower chug style hardcore with scatthing vocals. They just played their first show last month and released a demo which rules. I have a feeling these guys are going to be big news soon

Xibalba - Southern California
Xibalba is heavy. Like really heavy, heavy in that Disembodied way. I havent seen them because they are from California but man I can imagine the walls shaking when they play. Im pretty surprised that no one has put out a record for them yet. They play out pretty often and from what I hear put on a good live show. Real good heavy hardcore.
You can order tshirts from Xibalba here: Xibalba at Big Cartel

Smoke And Mirrors - Erie, Pennsylvania
I first found out about Smoke and Mirrors when EMS (bass) shot me a message and gave me the heads up. EMS is one of my favorite people on Earth after ahving toured with him when he was in Brother's Keeper so naturally I was stoked. The demo didn't disappoint. When I listened to it, I heard a lot of Biohazard influence in that groove way. Not a bad thing, more bands need to go back and listen to Biohazard's arly material. They've been playing out regularly and Im hoping for a tour soon. Glad to see EMS is still playing music...also on a side note he now owns Forward Hall in Erie which is still doing All Ages shows.
You can order their demo as well as shirts here: Surprise Attack Records


Anonymous said...

I've been listening to Nueva Etica religiously for a couple of years now, and their stuff never fails to amaze me. I don't know much Spanish in general but I've memorized almost all their lyrics. And Inquebrantable includes (iffy) translations in the liner notes, so that helps. The content is classic militant vegan straight edge.

One of their singers, don't know which one, has one of the strongest, most powerful voices I've ever heard, up there with Carl from Nora. It sounds like the guy doesn't even need a mic.

Highly recommended. And until 3L1T3 becomes available to buy, it can be downloaded. It's just as good as their earlier stuff. Recommended x 1000.

xCHIPxSEM said...

I feel the same way, Im hoping someone distributes the new record over here

Unknown said...

fuck yea, all these bands are amazing. Wait In Vain - Seasons was one of the best releases last year

Anonymous said...

FYI, our band gets compared to a lot of 90s stuff and we definitely sweat those bands (and have since they were first around)...


xCHIPxSEM said...

Sean, shoot me a link so I can check you guys out

Sanford said...

lot of great bands in this post.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Let me know and I can upload the demo for you if you want...

xbojanx said...

Hey, please upload demo, I like what I heard on myspace page

xbojanx said...

Redemption demo, :))

Anonymous said...

If you'd like to post this, feel free...

Redemption "Demo 2008"

Redemption Myspace: