Saturday, February 28, 2009

Posted by xCHIPxSEM |
I received this 7 inch in the mail today and was pleasantly surprised with what I heard. First off the band released this themselves and did an overall great job. The layout depicts numerous figures in hooded sweaters and ski masks throwing what looks like bombs or rocks all on a nice full color cover. The music reminds me of Brother's Keeper in that when BK was an active band they referred to themselves as "No School Hardcore". They didn't fit in with the new school chugga chugga style and they didn't fit in with the youth crew revival either. Reignition reminds of that as I honestly can't really think of a band that they sound like. Bits and pieces of songs remind of other bands but there is no band that I can say that Reignition sounds just like. Very melodic. The 7 inch contains 4 songs and kinda splits between fast and groove oriented. Im real happy that they have a song that addresses racism as this something I notice creeping more and more into the scene. Even if the person if kidding, I always say "Theres always some truth in kidding". So that said, Im glad to see that the band addresses this. I really dig the line "No one is free of this burden, so we struggle on". The recording is real good, everything is clear as is the mixing job. Overall, a great release and worth the money. Apparently the band is looking for a new vocalist so if you are interested, get in touch with them via Myspace.

Reignition on Myspace
Reignition 7 inch and Tshirt from Big Cartel