Tuesday, February 24, 2009

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I just recieved an email from Jose Saxlund, former vocalist of Abhinanda, who informed me that he has a started a new band called Soundtrack For Violence. The band also features members of Better Than a Thousand and Shelter. No songs has been posted yet and only a splash page is available, I am super pumped that he is playing music again. I asked Jose if he would be interested in giving us a history of Abhinanda and Desperate Fight Records, now Im just waiting to hear back from him and hoping he will. Be sure to check the site in hopes that songs will be posted soon. Check it out

Soundtrack For Violence


xjustinx said...

I'm siked that he's still edge.

xgabex said...

Abhinanda are still one of my favorite hardcore bands.

k said...

José has not emailed any further news about the new band?

Rumours says that Abhinanda will do some shows in Japan during 2010

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

And one exlusive show at Kafé 44 (stockholm) 26 of januari.
And 3 shows in JAPAN

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