Tuesday, February 10, 2009

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Im so glad that bands are starting to play music in that 90s vein of hardcore. Heres a few I really like that have been currently playing out.

These guys were one of the first I personally noticed that was playing this style. They just released a record on New Age Records and having playing out regularly since. They went through some lineup changes and some inner band issues but they now have a solid lineup and are out to spread their message of veganism, straight edge and womyn's liberation, among other things.
You can order Seven Generations' full length here: Seven Generations - To See The End
I spoke to Mike (vocals) for quite some time because we had common interests and we both love 90s hardcore. He told me he had just started a band that played this style and that he would send me the demo when it was done. When I got it, I was floored. Im currently waiting on the full length to come in the mail but I have heard some tracks and they blow the demo out of the water.
You can order xReflectx's full length here: xReflectx - The Hourglass End
You can download xRelfectx's demo here: xReflectx - Demo

Time For Change - Pomona Valley, CA
The first time I heard Time For Change, I was like "whoa this reminds me of Strife". I LOVE STRIFE, hence I love Time For Change. Granted they have elements of Strife but they are in no way a rip-off of said band. They just released a full length on New Age Records and have been doing steady touring since.
You can order Time For Change's full length "Memoirs" here: Time For Change - Memoirs

Abandon - Southern California

I just got into these guys a few weeks when Justin told me they covered Morning Again's "Stones" at a show in Seattle (I think it was Seattle). In the videos I have seen they put on a great live show with lots of energy. I just ordered the demo from them so Ill have a review of it when its gets here. Hit them up on Myspace if you are interested in order a demo or a tshirt

Unrestrained - Portland, ORUnrestrained is Justin's band. Do you like Undertow? Well so does Unrestrained because you can hear a lot of influence in the music. They have a 7 inch coming out on Surprise Attack Records that is gonna blow everyone away. They also have tshirts with Al Bundy from Married With Children on them, how can you go wrong? Message them on Myspace for more info and to order a tshirt

Anchor - Sweden
Anchor is from Europe and really have Strife feel at times as well a bit of Damnation AD. I really dig both their EP and their full length and am hoping they make it across the seas to the US for a tour.
You can order Anchors full length here: Anchor - The Quiet Dance


Anonymous said...

abandon is great

Sanford said...

have you peeped XIBALBA yet? they're from CA and sound like disembodied/santa sangre/sepultura.....or something like that. shit is amazing.

unrestrained is backed so hard.

xCHIPxSEM said...

Xibalba is awesome. I just did a short feature. There are more bands I want to showcase and will in the future, Xilbabla being one of them. Thanks for the input. Pumped that that they are getting to play the Disembodied show...I remember hearing how much they wanted to get on it

mikeXreflect said...

you guys did good i'd like to see more of these type of things i don't know very many other new bands but if any i'd say my favorite current bands are probably The Separation, and Run With The Hunted

xbojanx said...

Hey, there is this great new band of EMS from coregasm, Smoke and Mirrors, (name reminded me of Mike Judge and Old Smoke, so I was kinda skeptical :)), that is great new school 90s style stuff.

also, if Tears of Gaia are still around, maybe to put up some story about them (even if they're not, it' sone of new bands I really liked)

Anonymous said...

I'll agree with Mike here: The Separation are one of the best bands in hardcore today, with a strong Catharsis/Integrity feel.

Alos, Anchor are confirmed for a US tour in May/June. They'll be playing at 924 Gilman St. in Berkeley, CA on May 29 w/ 7 Generations, Crushed on you (ex-Unbroken), Run With the Hunted & Lockstep (ex-Gather). I'm sure more dates will be announced shortly. Spread the word.