Friday, February 20, 2009

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I decided to put together a list of all the download links that I posted on x43x. If you want to download the artwork, or read any of the stories associated with these download links, they'll still be there on

Chokehold - Comp Tracks

Chokehold - Tooth and Nail

Chokehold - Instilled

Chokehold - Content With Dying

Green Rage - Disinfect

Heaven Shall Burn/Fall of Serenity - split 12"

Despair - Live and Killing in Europe '97

Despair - Demo '95

Unconquered - My Pain

Strife - My Fire Burns On

Strife - self titled

Grip - Friction Burn Fatal

fortydaysrain - Temptation of Our Own Demise

fortydaysrain/The Year Of Our Lord - split 7"

fortydaysrain - The Price of Innocence

fortydaysrain - Demo '97

The Cold War - comp 7"

Chokehold/Crisis of Faith - split 7"

Chokehold - Life Goes On

Soulstice - Dark Hour

Chokehold - More Than Ever (demo '92)

Chokehold - This Whole World Is An Addiction (demo '91)

Absone/Decontaminate - split 7"

Motive - A Doctrine of Scripted Torture

Unbroken - Live in Dagenham

Focal Point - Neglected

Canon - The Solution

Amenity - Forward, Into The Past (discography)

The Swarm/Force Fed Glass - split 7"

The Swarm - Old Blue Eyes Is Dead

Sleepless Nights - covers comp

Raid - Above The Law

Unrestrained - Demo 2007

Backside Disaster - self titled

Backside Disaster - Demo '98

Backside Disaster - The Coming of Iad Urorobos (demo '97)

Chokehold - Final Show 3/23/96

Disembodied - bootleg 7"

Disembodied - The Confession

Disembodied - Existence In Suicide

The Ourselves Compilation

Chalkline - self titled

Chalkline/Figurehead - split 7"

Dawn Of Orion - For The Lust of Prophecies Undone

Dawn Of Orion - On Broken Wings

Torn Apart - Nothing Is Permanent

Torn Apart - Extermination

Chalkline - In The Present Tense

The Best of Nemesis Live

Carry Nation - Face The Nation

No For An Answer - A Thought Crusade

Chain Of Strength - What Holds Us Apart

Chain Of Strength - True Til Death

National Guard - Redrafted (unreleased full length)

National Guard - One Big Happy Slam Pit comp

National Guard - Star Spangled Losers

National Guard - Green Berets: War Heroes, Hard Asses (demo '95)

National Guard - Demo 1994

Undertow - Edge of Quarrel

Method - self titled 7"

Method - self titled CDEP

Hard Stance - self titled (discography)

Overcast - Begging for Indifference

Overcast/Arise - split 7"

Overcast - Stirring the Killer

Definitely Not The Majors comp

Trial - I'm Still Screaming (live 7")

Trial - Demo 1995

Fault - self titled

Life's Blood - Discography

Downcast - self titled LP (original mix)

Downcast - self titled 7"

Hourglass/New Day Rising - split cd

Grimlock - Crusher

Grimlock - Crusher extras (videos and pictures)

Grimlock - Crusades of Reality

Grimlock - Songs of Self

Grimlock - Demo 1995

78 Days After Death - From the Mean Streets comp

78 Days After Death/The Dead Unknown - split 7"

78 Days After Death - Too Much Is Forgotten...

78 Days After Death - Skyfalls

Restrain - Armageddon

Burn It Down - self titled


captain claw said...

Some of the links are dead, but i cant just put it in words that how much thankful I am for this bro. Thanks a fucking ton bro.

cun8y said...

words just cant explain how thankful i am for this yo. thanks a fucking ton bro.