Monday, February 16, 2009

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On the heels of a couple posts about Fortheloveof comes this amusing little story from Tom Sheehan of Indecision/Most Precious Blood:

It was in May of 1997, Indecision was playing a show at CBGB's with Candiria and Breakdown. I was outside with some of the dudes from Candiria and a member of FTLO. I had just gotten the demo and loved it so I was trying to get Wreckage/Exit to check them out. So, we are all outside CBGB's, talking about trying to get a FTLO/indecision/Candiria tour together. So I say
"Man, I love that demo so much, why the hell did you guys throw our your singer, his voice was awesome". The FTLO dude replied "I am the singer on the demo, I am still in the band." So I apologize to him, say I must I have misunderstood and that was that. Literally, he was out of the band the next week. So embarrassing.


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isnt it ironic that tom then got kicked out of indecision and then most precious blood?

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and both bands sounded better with Tom