Monday, February 23, 2009

Posted by xCHIPxSEM |
Just a quick heads up to let you know the Another Victim preorders HAVE shipped. I got mine in the mail today and it was seriously worth the wait. It sounds great and the double CD is packaged in a really nice fold out digi-pack. Lyrics are included in the insert as well as technical info as to which songs came out on which release. Pretty sure you still get both the double CD (which includes a live set from 2000) and a tshirt for only $20. Head over to Closed Casket Activities and check it out.


An Attitude Exhumed said...

Cool. Glad to hear they came out good, I haven't even seen one yet - haha.

David Agranoff said...

Gotta get this.

xjustinx said...

I'm still waiting ever so patiently for mine to arrive.