Tuesday, February 24, 2009

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Finally, after waiting so long, Earth Crisis has upped a new song from their upcoming album "To The Death". The song is called "To Ashes" and can be heard on their Myspace. The record unfortunatly has been pushed back to May 5th for us in the US but from the sound of the new song, its gonna be worth the wait.

Earth Crisis - To Ashes


Anonymous said...

I like this one, good vocals, good music, short enough to be called hardcore ;))

AWC said...

I got a promo download of the album a while back and gotta say its one of their best efforts yet. Century Media didnt hand out any lyricsheet but what I can make of the lyrics, theyre pretty killer as well.
The last song ends with the chant "Vegan for life! Vegan to the death!". Can´t go wrong with that :)

And for the record: I take my accountability not necessarily to the big recordlabel that Century Media is, but to the band and do not spread the record in the net. However, it feels kinda weird that they released the promo about 4 months before the release of the album...I am sure there are people that arent as strict about the copyrights with this as I am...