Thursday, February 19, 2009

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I ordered this on the recommendation of Justin who saw them in Seattle and said they were really good. First off, thumbs on quick shipping. I ordered on Sunday night, I got it Wednesday so thats already a good start. The recording is real solid, you can hear the different instruments clearly without having to apply a lot of effort. The lyrics deal with personal issues mainly and the insert includes a description of the meanings behind the lyrics, another plus. The band plays 90s influenced hardcore but they put their own spin on it and make it sound fresh. I hope they stick around and dont break up before I get to see them play. I heard they just signed to new label "Death of A Modernist" and will be recording a full length for them. Be on the lookout...I have a feeling these guys are going to be making wave in 2009. Great demo and worth the $2 spent.

Check out the Abandon Myspace to hear songs, order merch and check tour dates.

Check out Death of A Modernist Records


David Agranoff said...

They were great in Portland. Impressed, they were pretty good for a bunch of young fellers.

Better live.

Kyle said...

im really stoked to see these kids in a band after seeing them around the california xvx scene for such a long time.

they are a bit of a 7 jen jr band.
but im stoked they are around.

i think they will be doing alot more in the way of shows after the drummer gets out of highschool.