Thursday, February 12, 2009

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Sometimes a label goes under for one reason or another and their back catalog ends up out of print. There are so many great records that are no longer in print (our zine proves this) because this unfortunate situation happens but then there are labels that pick up the slack and release discographies or reissue those old recordings. For example, Prime Directive Records is releasing a CD of unreleased and out of print Disembodied material, Revelation Records just released the complete Mouthpiece discography, and Closed Casket Activities is releasing the Another Victim discography. Lets take a look at some discographies that have come out in the last few years that are worth your time and money. Click the artist and title to purchase the CD.

Unbroken - The Death of True Spirit: this CD compiles both "Ritual" and "Life. Love. Regret." on one convinent disc with a remastered sound.

Unbroken - Its Getting Tougher To Say The Right Things: this CD compiles all their 7 inches and comp tracks which have never been released on CD before. Also at the end of the "You Won't Be Back" , you can hear their first demo. Mean Season - The Memory And I Still Suffer In Love: complete discography from this California band. Wayyyy ahead of their time. Contains the "Grace" full length, "Bleed To Me" 7 inch plus comp tracks and unreleased material.

Outspoken - Spotlight: contains everything recorded by this Cali band. Incredible stuff, this is worth owning just for "The Current" 7 inch.Undertow - Everything: Just as the title indicates, this contains everything from this Seattle band. There a nice little essay in the insert about seeing the band, the power going out, and the crowd continuing to sing every me chills every time I read it
Shai Hulud - A Profound Hatred of Man
: A re-release of this Florida/New York bands material up to their release of "That Within Blood Ill-Tempered". This contains the "A Profound Hatred of Man" 7 inch, the tracks from the split with Indecision, a Bad Brains cover, their tracks from the split with Another Victim, a Negative Approach cover, and the song from the Rev 100 comp. All tracks remastered.
Shai Hulud - Hearts Once Nourished With Hope and Compassion: a re-release with REMIXED and REMASTERED content. This record now sounds the way it was supposed to sound. There is so much going on that you couldnt hear initially and now this record is ready to achieve legendary status.
Birthright - These Words Run In My Veins: this compiles the Indiana vegan bands discography including a video of a live set. "What do we want? Animal Liberation!!! When do we want it? NOW!!!".


Anonymous said...

1. the world needs to consume plastic on replicating Birthrite songs like it needs another ice age

2. that undertow CD doesn't have the stuff with Seth on vocals, does it? not a huge loss, but would have been nice.

xjustinx said...

Nope, doesn't have any of the stuff with Seth (I thought it was Joel) on vocals. You still have to track down the "Edge of Quarrel" cd on Lost and Found for that stuff.

Anonymous said...

er, you're right, joel. seth was the bassist then???