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108 is definitely one of the 90s bands that has gotten back together and just blown everyone away. Since they reunited in 2005, they've released a 10 song EP and a full length on Deathwish Inc. You'd think that a band that getting back together after not having played together in almost 10 years would have lost a step...not 108. Their recent releases are just laying to waste everyone and everything in their path. They will be performing at the Burning Fight show in Chicago which makes me happy to see them again. This morning Rob Fish, vocals, posted on the Bridge 9 messageboard giving everyone a heads up as to what has been going on with them and whats up coming. Heres what he had to say:

"On Friday the 13th 108 flew into Boston, MA to record what was originally slated to be a new 4 song EP but by Sunday afternoons departure had turned into a 10 song LP. From the inception of this recording session our desire was to record a raw and stripped down record and once we hit the studio things developed so quickly that it was clear that recording just an EP was out of the question thus the new LP was born. The recording was engineer by Alex Garcia-Rivera (ex-Give Up The Ghost) and features Mike Justian (Trap Them, Unearth) on drums. Deathwish Inc. will announce more about the record and it's release in the near future.

US Tour

In support of our new record we will be doing a 16 date US Tour in April. We expect your attendance so mark your calendars and get ready.

4/17 San Diego, CA @ Che Cafe w/ Pulling Teeth, Lewd Acts, Skin Like Iron and Seven Generations
4/18 Riverside, CA @ SOS Project w/ Pulling Teeth, Lewd Acts, Skin Like Iron
4/19 Berkeley, CA @ Gilman w/ Pulling Teeth, Lewd Acts, Skin Like Iron
4/20 Portland, OR @ Good Neighbors Pizza w/ Pulling Teeth, Lewd Acts, Skin Like Iron
4/21 Vancouver, BC @ Sweat Shop w/ Pulling Teeth, Lewd Acts, Skin Like Iron
4/22 Seattle, WA @ Vera Project w/ Pulling Teeth, Lewd Acts, Skin Like Iron and a surprise because we know you dig surprises
4/24 Boston, MA @ ICC w/ Soul Control, I Rise
4/25 New York, NY @ Santos Party House w/ Have Heart, Cold World, Soul Control, I Rise and Title Fight
4/26 Doylestown, PA @ Moose Lodge w/ Soul Control, I Rise
4/27 Baltimore, MD @ Talking Head w/ Soul Control, I Rise
4/28 Pittsburgh, PA @ Roboto Project w/ Soul Control, I Rise
4/29 Toronto, ON @ Adrift Clubhouse w/ Soul Control, I Rise
4/30 Romeo, MI @ Static Age w/ Soul Control, I Rise
5/1 Cincinnati, OH @ Warsaw Arena w/ Soul Control, I Rise
5/2 Chicago, IL @ Metro (Burning Fight Book Release) w/ Trial, Unbroken, Threadbare, Guilt and justabouteveryotherfuckingbandthatexistedintheearlyninties


In honor of all things 108, Ive included downloaded of their live record that was released on Lost & Found as well as their live Ep from the same tour. Lost & Found Records has since folded (which many are probably happy about) which means these records are long out print. The recording on these is INCREDIBLE! They even perform a cover of "No Spiritual Surrender" by Inside Out (15 minutes long!!!) as well cover just about every song you'd want to hear.

108 - One Path For Me Through Destiny

108 - Serve And Defy


mikeXreflect said...

by far my favorite live cd's i own

Dave said...
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Dave said...
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Dave said...

Sorry for the deleted posts... couldn't get the link to work...

If anyone is interested, here are some pics from the recording session Rob mentioned in his post.

New record will sound killer.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Serve and Defy Live EP. I've been looking for this forever. Great blog.

David Agranoff said...

Can't wait for the portland show

blend77 said...

Thanks for these, and the news, guys. Cant wait to listen to them.

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