Saturday, February 7, 2009

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Contempt was another band that spawned in the wake of the vegan steamroller that was Earth Crisis. Really pissed off vocals, slaughterhouse imagery, loads of chugs and divebombs: all the makings of the 90s hardcore sound. Pretty sure this was first release on Surface Records, Id be lying if I told you I knew anything else they released (the label I mean)...this was not ripped by me but by the man Gruenfront (soulseek users know what Im talking about?). I would love to see what that dude has as far as 90s hardcore goes...anyway, heres Contempt "A Call For Revolution". Oh, one more thing, my buddy Henrik ripped the Contempt demos and posted them on his blog "Those Who Fear Tomorrow". Get the "No Excuse" demo here and the "Blood Of The Innocent" demo here

Contempt - A Call For Revolution


Anonymous said...

Surface records did a godbelow 7" the locked in a vacancy / death by virtue split and a delusion 7"

Hirsinger Youth said...

Soulseek User "Gruenfront" here (= Gruenfront was a German hardline offspring without the homophobic/ pro life stance).
I am also doing a blog, but I am quite busy at the moment.

If you want anything - and I'll find the time to rip it - just let me know.


P.S.: all my friends sold out. ;)

xCHIPxSEM said...

Dude thanks for getting in touch. Im sure there is loads of stuff you have that I want. Ill be in touch.

Anonymous said...

im pretty sure i had this record, havent listened to it in ages. it just sat in the box with all the other generic vsxe stuff with bad "desktop publishing" covers. aka the box marked "stuff kurt catalyst loves"

Unknown said...

The links are destroyed somehow.
i tried to get some of the songs of those 2 demos + a call for revolution in my blog.
if you are interested check it out: