Wednesday, February 25, 2009

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Here's another soundboard recording of Chokehold in New Bedford, MA. This one comes from New Year's Day 1994, and features a great setlist. Prison Of Hope was already out, but the Instilled 7" hadn't been recorded yet. It's awesome to hear versions of songs that would later become classic staples of Chokehold.

Chokehold - 1/1/94 New Bedford, MA [soundboard]


CraiginPhilly said...

Ha! I was at this Show! THe New Bedford Hardcore fests were the best!! It's where I learned a lot about hardcore music, and picked up many great CDs from the merch booths.

CraiginPhilly said...

I can't find any info online about the New Bedford Hardcore festivals. I went in 94 and 95 and it had the most amazing line up of bands at the time. ANyone else remember this?