Thursday, February 26, 2009

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I completely forgot I uploaded this a few weeks ago. This is a FULL live set of Earth Crisis playing at the Lost Horizon in Syracuse on July 24, 1994. This was on the tour they did before Destroy the Machines came out. They play songs that would eventually be on that record but this was before the record came out. I actually have the shirt from that tour (yeah Im THAT guy) so you can confirm the date (thank you Grant J).
Click the link to see the rest of the live set.

Earth Crisis - Live at the Lost Horizon: Syracuse, New York. July 24, 1994


xroldx said...

Amazing stuff. I just posted an interview I did with Karl on my blog. [url][/url]

David Agranoff said...

What is really strange about this video, is that Jim Winters played that tour, so this maybe one of the last shows with Ben. It seems to me that there is tension on stage already. Coulld be in my head.

Thanks for posting that interview Rold I'll check it out.