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Otto Dix was a German artist who was forced to join the Nazi Party's Reich Chamber of Fine Arts and was later accused and arrested for being part of a plot to assassinate Hitler. After the war, his paintings became "depictions of post-war suffering". Some of his work has been used by hardcore bands including Contempt, Brethren, Forfeit, and Timebomb. The most famous is "Trench Warfare" which (as far as I know) was first used by Timebomb on their "Hymns For A Decaying Empire" record on S.O.A. Records.

The original painting "Trench Warfare" by Otto Dix from 1932

Contempt "One Justice" on March Through Records, 1997
Timebomb "Hymns For A Decaying Empire", S.O.A. Records, 1996
Forfeit "Visions", Reaper Records, 2008
The original painting "Flanders" by Otto Dix, 1934
Brethren "No Regrets", Roundhouse Records, 1996


v said...

can you upload brethren?

AWC said...

This is an interesting angle; taking a look at the artwork. Youguys should also do a feature on the artwork of Strongarm-records, they had that same person at least on the first record and at the "Division"-seven inch. I kinda dig his style. I think I will go and google more info on the fella.

El Sid said...
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El Sid said...

as did Ownfight "Punto De No Retorno" (2000) - amazing Spanish HC band

copy/paste links

check them

ill up the CD is anyone is interested, its well old and out of print by now!