Sunday, February 15, 2009

Posted by xCHIPxSEM |
Brian from the site Hows Your Edge, does a regular feature on items listed on Ebay that some may have missed. I thought this was a good idea since Im on Ebay pretty much daily. Heres some of the things Ive seen recently:

Strife "Bball Jersey" - Ending bid: $30

Snapcase "Hungry Charlie's, Syracuse 1997" - Ending bid: $9.99Excessive Force "Straight Edge" - Ending Bid: Pulled by seller before it ended

Mean Season "This Is The End" - Ending bid: $63.00
Disembodied "Windbreaker" - Ending bid: $61
Undying "Let It End With Us" - Ending bid: $14.50


Anonymous said...

If anyone knows anyone who's willing to part on any Shockwave -shirts. Hit me up, i'd love one of those Decembercon -hoodies....