Saturday, February 7, 2009

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In addition to play the 4 upcoming shows this year, Disembodied is releasing a CD of all of their out of print material on Prime Directive Records. Chase and Jav have been working hard on getting this ready for the Burning Fight show and this thing is not going to disappoint. From the Prime Directive Myspace:

"As you may have heard, PRIME DIRECTIVE is releasing a collection of rare, out-of-print, and unreleased DISEMBODIED songs. This includes "The Confession" 7", the bootleg 7", compilation songs, unreleased demos, and perhaps some live material. Obviously, we're very excited to work with our long-time friends who happen to be one of the heaviest, most brutal, and most influential hardcore / metal bands of the last 15+ years.

The band is currently compiling the master tapes and getting everything mixed.

More info as it becomes available to us. We're hoping to release this before the "Burning Fight" show in Chicago in May 2009."

The shows the band has lined up are as follows:

April 25th: The Triple Rock (Minneapolis, MN)
May 2nd: The Metro (Chicago, IL) w/ Unbroken...
June 5th: Chain Reaction (Anaheim, CA) w/ Mean Season, Wrench, Monument to Thieves
June 6th: Chain Reaction (Anaheim, CA) w/ The Final Burden, The Mistake, Seven Generations

As if all this wasnt enough, Charles Johnson (ex-Martyr A.D., current Disembodied guitarist) announced that the band is writing NEW MATERIAL!!! Quoting from

"When the Burning Fight show sold out in 18 Hours, we decided to book another LA show. We are doing a show in Minneapolis on April 25th for the 15 year anniversary of Extreme Noise (local volunteer run punk record shop). After that, yes, we are going to start writing new material. The vibe in the band is awesome. After all of the strenuous shit that all 5 of us have had to deal with, we are all looking at this as a stress-free outlet to play together. It is great. I look forward to every rehearsal."

I for one am beyond excited. My final offering regading all things Disembodied, is that Jav Van Huss wrote a nice long entry on his blog regarding Disembodied's "Diablerie" album cover. Check out Jav's blog to read the story.