Monday, February 16, 2009

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Neverfall came out of the great mid - late 90's hardcore scene of Erie, PA. This EP on Shandle Records has 6 songs of metal tinged, heavy hardcore. The lead guitar work in these songs make me grin from ear to ear whenver I hear them. They do lots of work in the upper register that is somewhat reminiscent of Sons of Abraham. The artwork was handled by the legend known as Mike Ski. I think this was the last recording that Neverfall did. They also had a demo, two tracks on the Erie Scene Report comp (SA Mob Records), and one track on the Difference Between Us comp, although I'm pretty sure that the demo and Erie Scene Report tracks featured a different singer.

Neverfall - Symbols of Inner Self
[1998 - Shandle Records]


jav said...

the neverfall demo was amazing. better than anything else they ever did. i still have it on cassette.

AWC said...

Just got this a while back. They are definately a lot similar to the older material of xDisciplex. Good Erie-style Chug-a-chug :)

El Sid said...

thanks for this, never heard this before, nice stuff

xjbx said...

the healed demo singer was jeff johns he did the tracks on the healed demo and the scene report.

neverfall also had a split release with xdisciplex which featured songs with justin calabrese on vocals (same singer from this recording)

I will be uploading the healed demo soon on

Anonymous said...

Thanks, its a trip to hear this aagain (I was one of the guitarists from Neverfall.) Please upload whatever you guys have! i'd love to hear our demo and "Healed with jeff johns again. I lost my copy!