Tuesday, February 3, 2009

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Continuing with the Syracuse theme I started yesterday, Guav got me all excited about the new Earth Crisis record so I figured I would pay homage to him and DJ by doing a little feature on Cabal, the clothing company he and DJ ran. I remember being so pumped on the fact that they had designs that had to do with 2 of my favorite things: Straight Edge and Star Wars. I was hooked. At the time though I wasnt nearly the merch hound I am now so I had to go about acquiring all this stuff much later on. Actually its kinda good that I wasnt, because my house would be overflowing more so than it is now. As far as I know, they sponsered various bands but Earth Crisis was the only one who had special designs made for them (again I may be wrong) but man were they awesome designs. Anyway, heres a little feature on Cabal Clothing.

Traditional tattoo style panther
Stomach rocker design

True Tales of Harcore , Believers Never Die. This was later reprinted without the Cabal 1995 on the back.

The ever-popular basketball jersey.
Carhartt design
Hoods Up. This was advertised as the first 4 color print they did
Destroy The Machines Record Release design. Features the C with a diamond logo on the back
Gomorrah's Season Ends Record Release. Also features the C with the diamond on the back.
Now this Im not sure if it was a tour design or printed for the record release. It was eventually reprinted without the Cabal logo on the back
Not technically a Cabal sponsored shirt, this was screened for the band the day before their Syracuse show in 1995. You can see them screening it in the One Truth Live Dvd.


David Agranoff said...

That green rage shirt is the shit. Wish I had that.

Christopher Z said...

That "hoods up" shirt is great. I got that from a friend for 4 or 5 bucks many years ago.

Do you have this Brother Keeper shirt? (please excuse the shitty cell phone pics)



I also have this ExC shirt:

(I didn't see it on your collection space)

xCHIPxSEM said...

Chris let me know if you wanna sell or trade that BK shirt

Guav said...

The panther is definitely not the first design. I don't think there was a "first" design really—I think we started with three designs that we printed and sold at a show initially: Taking The Galaxy By Force (the original SxE Star Wars design) with the crossed lightsabers, the Rebel Alliance shirt, and the Stomach Rocker/Gargoyle shirt.

I mean, obviously there was one shirt that got printed before the others, but it would have been the first only by an hour or so haha

Anonymous said...

man, there is so much missing here! for example, that CNN "earth matters" show or whatever that had guav and DJ screenprinting and talking about how awesome being vegan straightedge was. i had that on VHS and watched it like 23498734 times when i was in high school because i thought it was pretty much the coolest thing i had ever seen. i can't find it on youtube, but i wish i could watch it again!!

also, is there a post about Andrew Thomas Company on here anywhere? i see chris sleboda's illustrations in businessweek from time to time, and last i saw X eddie refuge X he was all coked out looking and screaming for that terrible band An Albatross. i liked him better when he played in bedford, wore bandannas, and made zines in his mom's basement.

xCHIPxSEM said...

Well I posted what i have...I know they did more. Check the newest post I did for the video you were looking for

Anonymous said...

holy shit! that video AND the soulstice 7"?! its like a little piece of heaven on my computer!!

Anonymous said...

Neeeeeeeeed that jersey.

Guav said...

I have a few old Cabal jersey's ... I think I'll be putting one or two up on eBay at some point soon.