Tuesday, February 17, 2009

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Man talk about a close call. Earth Crisis "Firestorm" edged out Unbroken's "Life. Love Regret." by 1 vote for most important release of the 90s. Chokehold got its fair share of votes as well but just couldn't keep up. Thanks to everyone who voted. We'll have a new poll up in the next few days so look out for that.


David Agranoff said...

Firestorm is the most important. It is far from my favorite. Destroy the machines, Day of suffering might be my favorites but the key word is important.

Unbroken didn't even get noticed til later in many ways. Same with Chokehold.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above 100%, and was shocked that the voting was so close. "Firestorm" has to be the winner here. People confuse "most important" with "the one I like the most". While the songwriting on "Firestorm" is pretty outstanding, I definitely more frequently listen to and am more emotionally moved by/tied to "Life. Love. Regret.", but "Firestorm" was a CRUCIALLY important release - as Earth Crisis was a band - so, there's just no contest in that regard.

xbojanx said...

I agree with above + I don't know how Disembodied got there ;) - and Strife - One Truth or Snapcase - Lookinglasself didn't (Victory Records' Holy Trinity ;))
Anyway, if the question was "the one I like the most" I would probably go for same, or Outspoken.
Polls like this are great :))

Anonymous said...

The release of "Firestorm" was without a doubt the most imp 90s record.

It caused an uproar in hardcore and got people deabting & etc. And no, it did not get people debating on who was cool. It got people to think.

In no way is this a disrespect to Outspoken, Unbroken and Chokehold. All those bands were great and had some great messages.

As a side note, throwing yogurt at a vegan band is about as lame as it gets. I didn't agree with 10000% of Earth Crisis, but to throw yogurt at them is whacked.

Anonymous said...