Saturday, February 7, 2009

Posted by xCHIPxSEM |

For those of you who had pre-ordered the Another Victim discography and haven't received it yet, heres what happening. I spoke to Justin who runs Closed Casket Activities 2 weeks ago and he said that there was a mistake at the pressing plant with the layout. Everything is being worked out and he said it will ship as soon as they are done. He expected the delay to be about 1-2 weeks so it should ship this week. In case you hadn't heard about this, the discography will include everything the band recorded and then some. Heres what Closed Casket has to say about it:

"For the first time in years this late ninety's straight edge hardcore band will finally be back in print. This 37 track, 2xCD discography features every release, demo, split and compilation track the band has ever put out. It also features two unreleased tracks meant to appear on the "Apocalypse Now" record as well as a complete live set from there home town of Syracuse, NY."

Also, the For the Liars and the Cheaters demo will see a proper release on limited 5 inch vinyl. It looks like he still has a few copies left for pre-order so get em while you can. All the info you need for ordering is right here: Another Victim "A Bitter End" Discography