Friday, February 27, 2009

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In wake of the new Earth Crisis song being uploaded to their Myspace, we are going to take a look at some of the rare tshirts the band has printed and sold over the years.

The first design, printed by Conviction Records. The same design as the cover of 7 inch released by Conviction Records, also note the original logo.

Chain of Strength rip off design. This was printed right around the time of Destroy The Machines

Destroy The Machines record release. As far as I know this was only sold at the release show. Printed by Cabal

Forgiveness Denied design. This was made for tour in support of Gomorrah's Season Ends. Printed by Cabal. This design was later reprinted without the Cabal logo on the back as well without GSE on the back.

Forgiveness Denied design. Black and white scheme supposedly limited to 12.

Gomorrahs Season Ends record release design. Again, as far as I know this was only sold at the release show. Printed by Cabal

Outspoken ripoff. Printed around the time of Breed The Killers. As the band gained popularity, people began to turn their backs and I think the the spin put on it really rang true. Great design.

Hellfest 2001, last show design. Radiotakeover logo on the bottom. This particular one is unnumbered.


Simon said...

Earth Crisis were a shit metal band that never played hardcore.

Eat meat, play fast, dress well.

Anonymous said...

Good one, Simon. You totally got 'em.

I really want the "Earth Crisis Isn't Cool Anymore" t-shirt. Really bad.

David Agranoff said...

Yeah the Earth crisis is cool anymore shirt is the shirt I want most after "Straight edge is all about automatic weapons,"